Have you noticed your radiators are giving out less heat than they once did? It’s a common complaint, and usually because sludge and scale has built up in your central heating system over time making them less efficient and less cost effective to run.Power flushing radiatorHaving one of our engineers power flush your central heating system can help address the following problems:

Radiators slow in heating up.

Middle of radiator failing to heat.

Unusual noise coming from boiler.

One of our qualified service engineers will examine your system to determine if a Power Flushing solution is suitable. Our Engineer will drain your system and use a Power Flushing machine.

The process involves flushing out your central heating system and forcing a cleaning agent through the system to remove sludge.

Power flushing radiator
By having your radiators power flushed you will see an Increase with the thermal efficiency of your central heating system.
This will in turn extend the life of your central heating system. Remove cold spots from radiators. Reduce boiler noises. Reduce CO2 emissions.
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